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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!!!!!!!

This post is a very important one for my blog since it is the first ever collab.

I am collabing with Aris from awkwardaris :

Make sure to check out her blog because it is awesome and she is such a lovely person.It is an honor for me to be able to collab with her .

In her blog post she will be doing the Ultimate Book Tag and honestly  I can’t wait to see her answers!!!!

Oh , I almost forgot to meantion that the person who tagged me was Lulu from , another great blog you need to check out.

Thank you both girls for the opportunity!!!!


Okay so let’s get to work.

If you don’t know what the 20 songs tag is then let me explain it to you.

This tag is basicly made from 20 questions around your music preference.

Lulu decided to change a few questions so I sticked with her version.Here are the answers I gave :

1.Fav song?

I don’t think I can pick!!!


There are just too many good ones to choose from.

I feel like the question should have been “What song is your favourite at the moment ? ”

In that case I have to say “Dancing with our hands tied ” by Taylor Swift or “Ill mind of Hopsin 5”.

Oh, and I don’t know if this counts but I love opera 2 performed by Dimash Kudaibergenov.

2.Song you hate?

I hate a lot of songs from albanian singers even though I am albanian.

Bu I’ll have to say I hate songs that say the same thing over and over again and songs with too much autotune.

3. Song you listen again and again and you never want it to end?

House of Cards and Blood Sweat and Tears , from BTS.

Like those songs are just sooo goooood.

I also love “Take me to church”.

Also Wires by the neighbourhood

Honestly there are too many and my memory is just so bad!!!

4. Song you don’t like but you still sing it cause it’s repetitive?

Ohhh I hate when this happens!!!

Luckily for me it hasn’t happened in a while.

I feel so ashamed saying this but I have to answer with diss songs from ricegum and Paul brothers.


Wait do they even count as songs????

5. Song you heard so many times that now you absolutly hate it?

I have this very bad habit of replaying songs I like 200000000 times until I get over them.

Its unhealthy i know!!!

I normally don’t end up hating the songs but I just don’t like to listen to them anymore.

This has happened to me with songs like :

Gangam style by Psy

Shape of you by Ed sheeran

Chantaje by Shakira

Stressed out by tøp

Gold by kiiara

6. Songs that make you dance crazy?

I always dance crazily.

I don’t know if that is because I like the song a lot or if that’s just how I dance but this are the songs who definitely deserve this title:

I did something bad by Taylor Swift

Lip and hip by HyunA

Fire and Mic Drop by Bts

Gasoline by Halsey

Hot mess by Cobra Starship

Bad reputation by Joan Jett

giphy (2).gif

7. Songs for depressive times?

I don’t like to call it depressive times , more like sad times since I don’t really consider myself a depressed person but my pics would probably be:

  • Dear Porcupines by Melanie Martinez
  • Colors by Halsey
  • Untouchable by Taylor Swift
  • Hurts like hell by Fleurie
  • You’re somebody else by Flora Cash
  • All I want by Kodaline

And it keeps going.

8. Songs that make you feel like you can actually sing like a super star?

This literally happens to me with every song but I would say…

  • Awake by Jin from BTS
  • Opera 2 performed by Dimash
  • Don’t blame me by Taylor Swift
  • Lost on you by Lp
  • Are you gonna be my girl by Jett
  • Can’t deny my love by Brandon Flowers
  • etc

To bad reality is wayyyy different.


9. Fav songs of the same album?

Well the latest album I have heard is repuation by Taylor Swift from which I would choose “I did somehing bad” and “Dont blame me”

10. Song you want in your wedding?

Definitely Love story by Taylor swift.

Or You are in love also by Taylor.

giphy (3).gif

11. Songs you are thinking of right now?

Right now i am thinking of a song I used to love so much as a child called Prima Oara by Kamelia

13. Song that your sister/brother is OBSSESED with (If you don’t have one then your BFF)

I am like 90% sure his favourite song right now is Bodac Yellow by that Cardi B girl.

14. Song you are listening to right now?

I am not listening to any song right now.I find them too distracting when working or cleaning.

15. What kind of melody do you think your blog transmits?

giphy (1).gif

Okay this is hard.

Probably some mix of hardcore rap and bubblegum kpop. 😂😂😂

17. Song that should be played in your funeral?

I don’t really know.

I don’t think there would be a song to exaclty describe and fit the situation.

Or at least I don’t know any.

18. Song you put to go into the shower?

I don’t put any songs while I shower.

I feel like if I did I would unconsciously start dancing ,fall , hit my head and die.

19. First song you heared from your fav bands/singer?

Hmmm, I am only going to meantion the ones I remember:

  • TØP: Stressed Out
  • Hasley : Colors
  • BTS: We are bullet proof pt.2
  • Taylor Swift : We are never ever gettig back together
  • Hyuna : Roll Deep
  • Melanie Martinez: Dollhouse


20. What songs people don’t expect you to know?

I feel like people think I only listen to Kpop but I really love listening to rap and opera too 😂😂.

I have a very diverse weird music taste.


And that makes 20 questions and answers.


Now it’s time for nominations! I nominate :

And that’s all for today.

See you guys in other posts.

Don’t be a silent reader so make sure to follow , like , comment and follow my instagram for behind the scenes.

Now here is a question for you :

What is your favourite song at the moment?



38 thoughts on “The 20 songs tag (collab) | theobssesedgirl

          1. (YAYYYY!!!) Yeah, they told her she had to be in a group. But a few time after that, she published the 8th video with more viewes in 2012 of ALL YOUTUBE!!! She is AMAZINNGGGG!! Look her sond Shatter me. There, she kinda does the video about herself. She had anorexia, and that simbolled the girl in the cristal bubble. And then she did the sequel called Lost Girls. Please watch that videos (I wanna a Stirlingite frieeend!!)

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    1. Heyy sorry I haven’t been writing , I have no wifi right now and I managed to post this and reply now by asking my neighbour for their wifi passcode.My dad needs to be the one who does the wifi contaract for some reason but he is on a bussines trip so i am stuck with no wifi like a cave man 😂😂.Thanks for reading, hope you are doing well!!!!! Xoxoxoxo


  1. Hey! I LOVE this post and gosh we have such similar music tatses. Except I’m not a kpop fan. But OTHER THAN THAT we are pretty similar 😂😂 Do you mind if I do this sometime on my blog as well?

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  2. Such fun tag! And yes I can totally relate with you on the fact that shape of you has played so many times on the radio that I cannot bear to hear it any longer BUT weirdly enough everytime it comes on I automatically sing along to it! Haha it’s that catchy!

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